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Our Story

We are entrepreneurs on a mission to build a high-impact, high-performing company that is values-driven and creates an amazing work environment for its team.

We began our entrepreneurial journey in 2018 when we quit our jobs as investors. Our first venture was focused on building a company in the eye care industry. We focused on healthcare for two reasons: (1) we are the sons of physicians and (2) we wanted to help fix the broken healthcare system. After several successes and some hard times (including weathering a pandemic), we have developed a playbook for scaling a business and building outstanding teams.

Who We Are

Before partnering together, we both worked in finance at market-leading institutions. In these roles, we learned how to assess value and grow companies at a 30,000 foot level. We became entrepreneurs because we wanted to get our hands dirty: we wanted to build teams, create great company culture and do the small things at the operating level that drive change. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to acquire an existing business from an entrepreneur who is looking to transition out or looking to bring on a growth partner, and help that company grow into a market leader. We are focused on the continuity of the team and maintaining the existing culture of the organization. 

We recognize that there are a lot of buyers in the market, including private equity. We are not private equity.

We are not creating a portfolio of businesses, but rather are focused on one business and one market. We plan to be integrally involved in scaling and operating the company.

What We Look For

An owner looking for a transition plan or that wants to bring on a growth partner to expand their business.

An owner who values continuity of company culture and values over a financial outcome.

A business with a deep bench of employee talent and local leadership.

A business with at least $5 million in annual revenue and $1 million of profit and up to $100 million in revenue and $10 million in profit.




Being good partners means trusting each other. This requires being honest, upfront, and doing things the right way, not just the most expedient way.


Partnerships require flexibility. We are focused on constantly adjusting our strategy and structures to meet the needs of owners.


The best ideas are simple at their core. We are on a mission to make the complex simple.  

Think big

Make a positive impact on the world. This requires taking risk and making bold decisions.





Transition & Trust

Successfully transition your business for the future to people who have an owner's mentality. We will be patient and protect the continuity of the team. We can be flexible and tailor your transition to meet your goals and life plan.

We have extensive experience buying and partnering with entrepreneur-led companies and will make the sales process seamless. 


Outside of your family, your business is your life's work. The blood, sweat and tears you have poured into it deserves to be rewarded.


We offer the ability monetize all or a portion of your ownership stake while transitioning your responsibility and involvement in day-to-day operations. We represent a partner who will help oversee and scale your business.


Fully Dedicated Team

Like you, we are entrepreneurs. We are your partners. We are not investors. We are full-time and do not spread our time across a portfolio of companies.


People First Culture

We know all too well that people are a company's greatest asset. We also know that ensuring continuity and security for your team is imperative. A company is a family and as a team of real brothers, we approach all our companies and employees with the greatest respect.


Unlike private equity firms, we do not have a fund life or short-term investor needs. We know through experience that short-term decision-making can be profitable in the near-term but detrimental in the long-term.

Our long-term mindset ensures the right alignment and incentives for the business and the team.

Mountain Landscape


We Are Entrepreneurs, not investors or private equity

​We tailor our process and post-acquisition plan to meet an owner's needs. Flexibility is our #1 priority. We are family-oriented with a people-first culture. We adhere to strict values that drive how we lead and operate. ​

Track Record of Success

We have been entrepreneurs and partners together for over a decade. This includes multiple endeavors in the healthcare industry. While we have had many successes, we have also made our fair share of mistakes. All of these experiences have helped us develop a playbook for scaling great businesses.  

Deep Industry Knowledge

We have done our homework. We take a diligent and granular approach to learning any industry we are interested in. We have built up deep knowledge of different industries including, healthcare, business services, and technology.  

We Have Fun

We do not take ourselves too seriously, opting to have fun in all things we do together. This approach extends to our team and those we work with. Life is too short to not have fun along the way.


Our Team

Matthew Speaker

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Matt's career was in finance as an investor in both public and private markets. Matt has also been an angel investor in several startups, including Sweetgreen and
Lemon Perfect.


Matt attended Georgetown University for undergrad, studying government. He also received his MBA from The  Wharton School. He grew up with in New York, and is happily married.

Matt's passions are tennis, travel, and all things wine.

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Michael Speaker

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mike had a career in investing in various roles. He was also a dedicated member of Minds Matter, a high school mentoring program.

Mike attended Georgetown University for undergrad, studying government and economics. He also received his MBA from Stanford. He grew up in New York, and is currently engaged.

Mike loves traveling, politics, photography, and is an avid 
Formula 1 racing fan.

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Our Partners

We have assembled a world-class group of partners who are our advisors and mentors. The group consists of many entrepreneurs, business leaders and public company CEOs, with decades of experience. They provide a crucial sounding board and are critical thought-partners. 

Will Thorndike

Andrew Saltoun

Lucas Braun & Ryan Robinson

Peter Kelly

Frank Williams

GJ King & Will Bressman

Kent Weaver

Pacific Lake Partners

Rafael Somoza & Jose Stella

Geoff Wayne


Thomas Klein & Roland Lessard

Steven Sell





Our Address

110 Wall Street, Floor 3

c/o SixFive Growth Partners

New York, NY 10005

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